Natalia Konovalenko

Local Facilitator for Ukraine, Financial Management Consultant, Centre for Financial Reporting Reform, World Bank


Phone: +38 050 687 82 23


Natalia Konovalenko joined the World Bank as a STAREP Local Facilitator for Ukraine and Belarus and Financial Management Consultant in 2013. Ms. Konovalenko has been actively involved in accounting and audit reform and the development of accounting education in a number of countries, including Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbajan, and Tajikistan. She has also been involved in regional CFRR activities in the area of private and public sector accounting and audit strengthening as part of STAREP and PULSAR regional programs. Ms. Konovalenko has more than 25 years of experience in capital market development and financial services market reform in Ukraine, and more than 15 years of experience in bringing international good practice and promoting international standards in different areas of the financial sector.


Accounting and audit reform in public and private sectors, corporate finance, sustainable development reporting  



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