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Call for Abstracts

The Third European Conference on Domestic Violence (ECDV) will take place in Oslo, Norway 1-4 September 2019. Deadline for abstract submission: 1 February 2019.

The conference will provide a forum to discuss some of today’s most pertinent and critical issues relating to domestic violence.

Currently we experience diverging and contradictory policy developments. New legislation and innovative approaches to combat domestic violence have been introduced across Europe. However, in some parts of Europe, violence against women and children is decriminalised or considered justified under certain conditions. Domestic violence largely continues to be neglected as a major political issue and expenditure cuts threaten effective responses. Migration and globalisation pose challenges for governments and civil society engaged in the prevention and elimination of violence. New technologies produce new vulnerabilities as well as possibilities for tracking and identifying perpetrators.

The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers, academics, students, professionals, practitioners and policy-makers from Europe and further afield to share and build new perspectives on these and related issues.

Keynote Speakers

Our conference will feature internationally well-known keynote speakers including:

  • Rebecca and Russell Dobash, who will draw some lines from when they published their first book in 1979 until today, focusing on what we have learned, what we can conclude and what the pressing issues for the future are.
  • Jane Freedman, who will bring up issues around gender-based violence against migrants and refugees.
  • Frank Mullane, who will talk about advocacy after fatal domestic abuse and the inquiries that follows.
  • Per Isdal, who will discuss the impact on the professional when working in the domestic violence field.

We welcome contributions that present empirical findings, engage with key (political or theoretical) debates in the field or describe new or promising service/practice developments.

NB: The deadline for abstract submission is 12 February 2019 (extended deadline).

Please visit our conference website for more information ( 

The conference is organised by NOVA – Norwegian Social Research at Oslo Metropolitan University and the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (NKVTS).

We look forward to seeing you in Oslo!

On behalf of the organisers

Scientific committee:
Carolina Øverlien, associate professor (NKVTS);
Kari Stefansen, research professor / Svein Mossige, professor (NOVA)

Organising committee:
Ingrid Smette, PhD (NOVA); Solveig Bergman, Dr.Soc.Sc. (NKVTS)