Portrait of Kalliu Couto

Kalliu Carvalho Couto

Associate Professor and Lab leader
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Kalliu holds a Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis from OsloMet in 2018 and a bachelor degree in clinical Psychology (2011). He worked with research and teaching activities involving behavior analysis and neurophysiology (2007-2011) in Brasilia, Brazil and as a research assistant at the University of Sydney (2013) conducting experiments in psychopharmacology. The goal of his PhD project is to investigate cultural evolution by conducting experiments with small groups and developing a conceptual model. For him, cultural evolution should be understood by looking at its interactions with physiologic and behavioral selection/evolution. He is particularly interested in the laws that undergo cultural selection, transmission and maintenance.

Portrait picture of Ingunn Sandaker

Ingunn Sandaker

OsloMet – Department of Behavioral Sciences

Ingunn is a professor and former program director of the Master Program in Behavioral Science and the Ph. D. program in Behavior Analysis at OsloMet. She also initiated the development of the first Ph.D. program in behavior analysis in Norway. She has been the program director since it was established in 2010. She received her Ph.D. in 1997 at the University of Oslo with a grant from the Foundation for Research in Business and Society at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. Her thesis was a study on the systemic approach to major changes in two large companies; one pharmaceutical company and one gas and petroleum company. During preparations for the Olympic games in Sydney, Australia, and Nagano, Japan, she was head of evaluation of a program aiming at extending female participation in management and coaching and assisting the Norwegian Olympic Committee’s preparations for the games. For a number of years, Ingunn worked as an adviser on management training and performance in STATOIL and Phillips Petroleum Co. in Norway. She also was project manager for Railo International who in cooperation with the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration ran a project preparing the electricity supply system in Norway for marked deregulations. Serving as a consultant on top level management programs in Norwegian energy companies, her interest has been focused on performance management within a systems framework. Trying to combine the approaches from micro-level behavior analysis with the perspective of learning in complex systems, and cultural phenomena, she is interested in integrating complementary scientific positions with the behavior analytic conceptual framework.

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Gunnar Ree

Dosent/Professor of behavior analysis

Gunnar is a dosent/professor at the Department of Behavioral Science at OsloMet. He holds a master’s degree in education, and specializes in behavior analysis and philosophy of science. His research interests include cultural selection, rule-governed behavior, behavioral economics and OBM. He coordinates and teaches in the institute’s Master Program in Behavioral Science.

Portrait picture of Marco Tagliabue

Marco Tagliabue

Associate Professor
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Marco is an associate professor at OsloMet – Department of Behavioral Sciences, where he received his Ph.D., and a licensed psychologist in Italy. Marco teaches Behavioral Economics in the MSc program in Behavioral Sciences and Clinical Psychology in the B.Sc. program in Health Care. His research activities include human choice behavior and cooperation with economic and organizational applied implications of experimental behavior-based interventions.
Prior to entering academia, he held various positions within the HR Management & Development departments of multinational manufacturing industries. His work is at the crossroads between Behavioral Economics, Behavior Analysis and Organizational Behavior Management.

Portrait of Fabio Bento

Fabio Bento

Associate Professor

Fabio holds a master degree in comparative education from the University of Oslo and a PhD in education from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has used central concepts of complexity to research management, change and learning in different kinds of organizations. He is currently initiating a project about learning in integrated operations in the oil and gas industry. He lectures and supervises students in OsloMet’s master program in Behavioral Sciences.

Luiza Freitas Caldas

Visiting PhD Candidate

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Luiza holds a master’s degree in Behavior Science (Behavior Analysis) from Universidade de Brasilia (2019) and a bachelor’s degree in Economics (2017). She worked with teaching activities in both fields in Brazil and as a research assistant at Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA). Luiza also has experience in public and private sectors, including consulting work. She is interested in interdisciplinary research, both basic and applied, in Behavior Economics, and social phenomena, especially group decision, cooperation, and cultural selection. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Universidade de Brasilia and a guest researcher at OsloMet. Her Ph.D. project investigates the Altruistic Punishment Game with children through an experiment within the metacontingencies framework.

Portrait of Tete Kobla Agbota

Tete Kobla Agbota

Associate Professor

Tete Kobla Agbota received his PhD in Behavior Analysis from OsloMet in 2019. He lectures in Organization Theory and Public Administration at the undergraduate level in the Social Education Program. He has also held a number of courses in administrative processes and procedures in the public sector varying from two to twelve weeks. He holds a Cand. Polit. in Administration and Organization Theory from the University of Bergen, Norway (1988). He has a first degree in Sociology from the University of Ghana, Accra (1984). His research interests are in the following areas: Good Governance, Corruption Behavior, Participation, Civil Society, Disability Issues and Cross-cultural Communication. He published a book in 2009 in Norwegian – Nykommer, samfunn, kultur og deltakelse (Newcomer – Society, Culture and Participation). He currently writing a couple of studies on micro-determinants of corruption and possible anti-corruption measures.

Portrait of Sigridur Sigurjonsdottir

Sigridur Sigurjonsdottir

Research affiliate and university lecturer

Sigga earned a PhD in behavior analysis specializing on the role of feedback in organizations. She has a bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Iceland (2006) and a Masters degree in Learning in Complex systems from Oslo and Akershus University College (2013). She has held positions as a Project Manager in Consumer Analysis (2006 – 2007) and in Executive Education (2008 – 2011). The OBM interest started in the bachelor study where her thesis included implementing an OBM intervention in a chain of department stores in Iceland. When getting work experience and experience of different management techniques and trends her interest in management and translating different leadership fads into behavior analysis grew and that eventually led her to this lab. Interests: Organizational Behavior Management, Positive and negative reinforcement, Management in the public sector, Nudge, Performance Management.

Portrait of Jan Wright

Jan Folkmann Wright

General Manager of Tobedecided AS
PhD candidate and university lecturer
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Jan graduated as pshycologist from UiO in 1980 and has worked with human factors and risk analyses in companies like Det norske Veritas, Senter for Industriforskning (now Sintef) and Saga Petroleum. The last decade before retirement, Jan served as safety and quality director in Avinor and Höegh LNG. Jan´s PhD project advocates a behavioral approach to risk management where the decision part of the chain of events leading to an accident is of primary concern. Risk management implies to make decisions about risk, and decision-making under uncertainty is therefore a core issue. The behavioral approach comprises both contributions from radical behaviorism as well as social and cognitive psychology, in particular prospect theory and behavioural economics. The former is regarded as more fundamental in terms of a stringent conceptual and methodological framework, while the latter is more relevant as its prime subject matter is judgment and choice under uncertainty. The first PhD publication gives a more detailed view: Risk management; a behavioural perspective, Journal of Risk Research. The PhD project includes other activities like: i. Explanatory constructs of choice behavior (review article), ii. The Confirmation Bias – the mother of all biases?, iii. The less factual evidence the stronger the belief.

Portrait of Flora Lorenzo

Flora Moura Lorenzo

Research affiliate
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Flora is a research affilate who first visited our lab from the University of Brasília (Brazil) on an interuniversity exchange internship. She holds PhD and master’s degrees in Behavior Analysis in organizations and learning processes and is a licensed psychologist in Brazil. She is interested in the interface between Behavior Analysis, Public Policies, and the Cultural Selection approach. The goal of her doctoral studies is to assess the addition of metacontingencies to the Good Behavior Game (GBG) and its effects at the classroom, school, and system levels. Previously, she worked for the Ministry of Health of Brazil as supervisor and multiplier of a culturally adapted version of the GBG to Brazilian education and health networks.