Fall 2020

Meetings take place every other Tuesday, according to the calendar below

Starting time: 15:15

Location: basement meeting room in Pilestredet 38 / ***ZOOM*** (please sign up to receive our Lab´s newsletter to receive the meeting links)

25 August

Introduction to lab members´ research and welcome to new students (part I)

Ingunn Sandaker, Gunnar Ree, Kalliu Couto and Marco Tagliabue will be presenting themselves, their research and possible projects for cooperation. This meeting will be partly in English and partly in Norwegian. Welcome!

8 September

Introduction to lab members research (part II).

Sigridur (aka Sigga) Sigurjonsdottir, Fabio Bento and Ingunn Sandaker will present themselves to new and “old” lab members and talk about research and master thesis opportunities.

22 September

Introduction to lab members research (part III).

This is the third and last day of presentation of lab members: Jan Wright and Magnus Johansson will be presenting themselves and their research topics. Flora Lorenzo will be talking about her research projects and possible avenues further for involving students´ participation. Gunnar Ree will present his research interests and a project ongoing in Østfold.

20 October

Fabio Bento and Kalliu Couto will be talking about a project on community resilience exploring the case of Paraisópolis in Brazil from a behavioral/complex perspective.

The title of their work is: “A behavioral perspective to community resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic”.

Suggested reading:

Sánchez, J. G. A., Houmanfar, R. A., & Alavosius, M. P. (2019). A Descriptive Analysis of the Effects of Weather Disasters on Community Resilience. Behavior and Social Issues28(1), 298-315. 

Folke, C. (2006). Resilience: The emergence of a perspective for social–ecological systems analyses. Global environmental change16(3), 253-267. 

3 November

Gunnar Ree will hold a brief training session on article writing: this may include the empirical article comprising the thesis, but also other academic writings.

Vibece Østhus, current master’s student in our program, will share a presentation of her thesis work titled Nudging recycling behavior in a good-sized municipality.

17 November

Ingunn Sandaker will present her article Byråkrati, variasjon og læring (LINK) and ideas for possible student projects.

Gunnar Ree will present an article by Bernard Guerin and discuss possible research approaches. Title: The use of participatory and non-experimental research methods in behavior analysis.

Please find the article HERE.

1 December

i. GBG overview and cultural adaptation

Flora Lorenzo will be talking about an overview of the Good Behavior Game literature. The cultural adaptation of the program to Brazilian education networks will also be discussed.

Recommended readings: Embry, D. D. (2002). The Good Behavior Game: A best practice candidate as a universal behavioral vaccine. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 5, 273-297.
Bowman-Perrott, L., Burke, M. D., Zaini, S., Zhang, N., & Vannest, K. (2015). Promoting positive behavior using the Good Behavior Game: A meta-analysis of single-case research. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 18, 180-190.

ii. Marco Tagliabue will present and discuss some concepts and cases drawn from the field of social marketing and their relationship with behavioral sciences and policymaking.

Recommended reading: Dessart François, J., & van Bavel, R. (2017). Two converging paths: behavioural sciences and social marketing for better policies. Journal of Social Marketing, 7(4), 355-365. https://doi.org/10.1108/JSOCM-04-2017-0027

15 December

OsloMet & Virginia Tech – joint symposium on Behavior Analysis and Behavior Economics

We are pleased to invite you to a symposium addressing temporal/delay and demand discounting from a behavioral analytic and behavioral economics perspective. This symposium is organized by:

Addiction Recovery Research Center & Center for TransformativeResearch on Health Behaviors at Fralin Biomedical Institute at Virginia Tech Carilion 

Cultural Selection and Behavioral Economics Lab & Experimental analysis of behavior – Translational and conceptual research at OsloMet, Oslo Metropolitan University

(more details to come)