Fall 2023

Meetings take place every other Tuesday, according to the calendar below (*changes to the program may occur)

Starting time: 15:15 (unless specified otherwise)

Location: Digital (ZOOM – please sign up to our Lab´s newsletter to receive the meeting link and other updates)

29 August

Title: Welcome!

Program: Introduction to the lab and round of presentation of both members and projects.

12 September

Title: Literature search (in Norwegian)

Program: Lilja from the university library talks about search strategies and tools for review studies.

26 September

Title: Framing and vaccines (in English) and seminar on writing review studies (part I – in Norwegian)

Program: Marco shares the findings of his study on framing and vaccine hesitancy.

Next, Gunnar starts a series of talks on scientific review writing according to the Prisma guidelines (please see link).

10 October

Title: Research updates (in English) and seminar on writing review studies (part II – in Norwegian)

Program: Luiza shares ideas and findings from her studies on behavioral systems analysis in corruption control.

24 October

Title: Rule-governed behavior and seminar on writing review studies (part III – in Norwegian)

Program: Karin presents the preliminary finds of her historical review of the concept of rul-governance

Next, Gunnar continues his set of mini-lectures on writing reviews based on the PRISMA guidelines (part II).

7 November

Title: Research on bumblebees 

Program: We will present and discuss the current projects taking place at the bumblebee lab

21 November

Title: Mindfulness training in virtual reality

Program: Elisabeth presents her project on the effects of mindfulness training on impulsive behavior among patients in drugs- and addictions treatment.

5 December

Title: Ongoing research on complex systems and its intersection with behavior analysis.

Program: Fabio presents his interdisciplinary research.

Next, Gunnar continues the PRISMA seminar (part III)