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The Evolution Institute

Doing Well By Doing Good

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Intelligent Design Without A Creator? Why Evolution May Be Smarter Than We Thought

Finding A Hunter-Gatherer Massacre Scene That May Change History Of Human Warfare

2015 Highlights

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Escalation in Information Technology Projects: A Discounting Theory Perspective– International Journal of Information Technology Project Management (IJITPM)  – Paper here
by Hilde Mobekk and Asle Fagerstrøm 
(authors profiles here)


The evolution institute  promote “A New Society for the Study of Cultural Evolution
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Why Best Practices Don’t Spread
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by David Sloan Wilson


“When Algorithms Discriminate”
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by Claire Cain Miller
at – The New York Times


“An estimated extra 140,000 parents and carers across the state of Queensland, Australia – the birthplace of Triple P – will now be able to access free Triple P support thanks to a $6.6 million rollout.”
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“Collaboration, Not Arguments, Needed to Fight Poverty”
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by Anthony Biglan, Oregon Research Institute at


“Seshat post-doctoral researcher position”
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at – The evolution Institute


The Stanford Prison Experiment Hits the Big Screen
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by Glenn Geher – Psychology today


“After the crash, can biologists fix economics?
Orthodox economics is broken. Applying what we know about evolution, ecology and collective behaviour might help us avoid another catastrophe”Click here
By Kate Douglas


“What Small Scale Societies Tell Us About Our Own Child-Bearing Decisions”
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byLesley Newsonat –

This image shows turbines on the Cedar Creek wind farm at sunset with a backdrop of stratocumulus clouds. Completed in 2007, the Cedar Creek wind farm east of Grover, Colorado includes more than 250 turbines and generates roughly 300 megawatts of energy. As wind energy grows in importance, scientists at NCAR are studying how wind turbines and farms interact with the atmosphere and how their output can be better predicted and managed.

“Consequences of Sustainability”
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by Susan Schneider
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“How this city is fighting obesity with free subway rides”
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by Ryan Daly


The Rise Of China’s 130-Million Supercity
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July 27, 1931 – by Travis Thompson
Auguste-Henri Forel who died on Muly 27, 1931′ was Swiss neuroanatomist, psychiatrist, and entomologist known for his investigations of ants. Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Zürich and director of the world-famous Burghölzli Hospital, Forel was Adolf Meyer’s teacher. Interested in ants from childhood, he became engrossed in the behavior of ants and contributed greatly to the study of their social instincts, leading to his magnum opus in 5 volumes of The Social World of the Ants (1921-23). He was the first to describe the phenomena of parabiosis and lestobiosis in ants, a form of symbiosis in which a small species inhabits the nest of a larger one and feeds on the food stored there, or on the brood of the larger species. Not to be confused with lesbiosis, a form of parthenogenesis.


“A Real Evolutionary Psychology”
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by Matt Normand


Behavior Science in the 21st Century 
by Todd A. Ward, PhD, BCBA-D
July 12 – Smart Cities Will Know You Better Than You Know Yourself
July 23 – “Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports in Union Maine”
July 27 – “JABA Study Increases Recycling Behavior at Texas University
July – 31 “An Incentive System to Reduce Smoking During Pregnancy”


On line courses by Complexity explorer
Nonlinear Dynamics: Mathematical and Computational Approaches
Course starts: 1 Sep 2015 7am PDT
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Fractals and Scaling
Course starts: 1 Sep 2015 10am PDT
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Global Warming Spawns Hybrid Species
Scientific American
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June 2

Canada’s Forced Schooling of Aboriginal Children Was ‘Cultural Genocide,’ Report FindsThe New York Times
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June 4

From deep in Peru’s rainforests, isolated people emerge
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June 5

Monkeys’ cosy alliance with wolves looks like domestication
New Scientist 
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June 8, 1948 – by Travis Thompson  
June 8, 1948 — B. F. Skinner’s “Walden Two” was published. The Appleton Editor who was fond of Skinner and held him in high regard, had turned it down saying he believed it would be difficult to find a publisher. The final publisher, Macmillan, agreed to publish the book only on the condition that Skinner also write an introductory text for them, which was “Science and a Human a Behavior.”

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Norway has announced its formal participation in Horizon 2020
Horizon news
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June 11

#distractinglysexy Tweet goes viral
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Article by BBC here

june 15

The Research Council of Norway will announce NOK 200 million in funding for research to improve public services
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June 18

Signs of democracy seen in typically authoritarian baboon society
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June 25

Science Releases Guidelines for Publishing Scientific Studies
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June 29

Redesigning Your Grocery With Applied Behavior Analysis
Behavioral Science in the 21st Century
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june 30

Could This Behavior Game Turn The World Green?
Behavioral Science in the 21st Century
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ABAI release the Eight International Conference Program

Check out presenters from Hioa here

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ABAI reports Think Thank Brazil

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Think tank participants (from left): Emmanuel Z. Tourinho, Marcelo Benvenuti, Ingunn Sandaker, Laercia Vasconcelos, Maria Amalia Andery, João Claudio Todorov, Maria E. Malott, Ramona Houmanfar, Sigrid S. Glenn, Júlio De Rose, and Molli Luke.


Audio – Why You Should Bribe Your Kids
Freakonomics Radio Podcast
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Release  Schedules of Reinforcement

On line course
Introduction to Complexity  – Complexity explorer
Course starts:
6 Jul 2015 10am PDT
Course ends:
20 Sep 2015 11pm PDT

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BF Skinner Foundation Release  Schedules of Reinforcement in e-book
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Children watching monsoon cloud formation

Behavioral Science May Prove to Be Our Most Important Science
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Humor – Reading comments from reviewer 2

By #whatshouldwecallgradschool

28/08 –  Hanna Steingrimsdottir successfully defended her doctoral thesis

Hanna lab page here

Fall 2015 semminar

Fall 2015 Seminar

Photos here

call for paper

Call for papers deadline – The call for papers submission deadline is October 28, 2015, while poster submissions will be accepted through January 7, 2016.

More information here

ABAI Newsletter – Inside Behavior Analysis: Vol 7, n 2, Set 2015

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Walden Two now available in audio book
iTunes version here
MP3 version here 

by B.F. Skinner Foundation

free book

Free book – Modeling Complex Systems for Public Policies

Book here
by Ipea

Journal of Organizational Behavior Management Special Issue – Leadership and Cultural Change

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Job opportunity:
University of Chicago – Assistant/Associate Professor – Behavioral Science
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 World bank: Behavioral Economist and Behavioral Scientist
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“Behaviorists Show the U.S. How to Improve Government Operations”
Kim Davies
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by The New York Times

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“Whales Sing in Dialect, Learn Local ‘Culture’”

 Peter Ham
Article here
by NBC news