Faculty of Health Sciences wanted to launch a pilot program targeting early stage research talents (associate professors) to ensure the research careers attractiveness for them, and to create a fundament for future excellent research environments at OsloMet.​ The Faculty received strategic funding from OsloMet to run a 1-year pilot twice, one for 2019/2020 and one for 2020/2021. Launching Outstanding Academic Fellows Program

The program’s overall aim is to prepare early career research talent for successful FRIPRO (Young Research Talent) grant from the Norwegian Research Council and/or ERC starting grant from the European Research Council.

From 2021-2022 period of the program OsloMet central is now continuing this pilot as one of our tools in developing talents at our institution. The program is open for all qualified talents from OsloMet.

Recruitment is a maximum of ten participants each period with requirement for admission based on the evaluation criteria for FRIPRO (Young Research Talent) grant and ERC starting grant. Participants will work on the program full-time. The program provides funding for the content of the program and financial support for mobility, networking or other relevant support contributing to positioning them for FRIPRO/ERC grants (max of NOK 100 000).​​​

The participants department/faculty/center provides buy-out from their teaching/admin obligations during the program period.

The programme will consist of seminars including career awareness, personal development, grant acquisition, publication strategy, communication skills, RRI, ethics, innovation and an event in Brussels (TBD due to Covid-19).