Seminar March 21-22nd 2023

Tuesday Marh 21st

09:00    Agenda and purpose these two days

09:15    Mentors

10:00    Short break

10:15    Ingrid M. Tolstad, senior researcher at the Work Research Institiueat the Centre for Welfare and Labour Research, OsloMet – roadmap

11:30    Lunch

12:30    Roadmaps with action points, present and help each other find smart actions

14:00    Break

14:30    Budget

16:00    End

18:15    Aperitif and dinner at the hotel restaurant

Wednesday Marh 22nd

09:30    Short summary – ERC basic

              ERC the idea 😉 pitch your idea, we will all give you constructive feedback

11:30    Lunch

12:30    Cont. ERC

13:30    Your CVs – adjusted?

14:00    Break

14:15    Expectations and plans

15:30    End

Presentations from the seminar

Presentation by Vera Østensen

Template ERC-Why this project idea

Roadmap tips & tricks by Ingrid M. Tolstad

Example My Roadmap by Ingrid M. Tolstad