Content 2023

January 4th : Opening Seminar

February 6-8th :Career Awareness, Publication strategy & Capacity building (Hotel Bristol)

March 3rd: Innovation course part 1

March 21-22nd:  Roadmaps, budgets, mentors, plan for ERC applications (Scandic Solli)

March 23rd: Innovation course part 2

April 25-26th: Leading Research Groups

May 9th: Strategic Publication and Research Communication

June 1st: Leading Research Projects -Introduction Course part 1

June 12-14th: Brussels Seminar

June 15th: Leading Research Projects -Introduction Course part 2

August 15-16th: Research communication, pitching and mediatraining

August 17th : ERC pitching

September 27th– 29th : Updated roadmaps, budgets and CVs. Introduction to the Funding&Tenders portal, Horizon Europe, ERC starting grant

December 5th: Closing seminar

Throughout the program: Road Map Research Career: working on action points, networking, publications, mobility, piloting, and more. Working on grant applications