Program goals

Goals for the participants:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding on how to build a research career, nationally and internationally by;
    • personal and career development
    • publication strategy
    • prioritizing time and activities
    • scientific networking
    • building self-confidence and confidence in the research role
    • strengthening awareness of values, strengths and challenges
    • motivating for a future research career
  • Skills in developing competitive grant Applications
  • Skills in communicating and disseminating research results to different target groups
  • Develop knowledge and understanding about research ethics, RRI and innovation

Goals for OsloMet:

  • The Program shall enable the participants to increase contribution to research in their own research groups, departments, Faculties/centres at OsloMet
  • To increase the number of competitive applications to ERC, HorizonEurope FRIPRO and the RCNs other programs
  • Establish and develop excellent research groups at OsloMet