Career Awareness, Publication strategy & Capacity building

Sanner Hotell, 19-21/8 2020

Program August 19th

10:45  Welcome by Vera, program content and intention of program, The Roadmap for Development – building research CV

11:00  Sølvi Helseth; The importance of culture building for excellence

11.15  Zoom: Lived experience by experienced talents (cohort 1) – and tips to what to do and not to do (10 min each + 5 min Q&A)

12.30  Lunch

13.15  Mona Kolstø Otnæss on structure/system at HS SVA/AFI, LUI and TKD

14:00  Coffe break

14:15  Short intro – Margrethe Waage,  Expectation from the new talents – and their leaders

15:45  Break

16:00  Tanja Strøm, status online profiles

17:30  End

Program August 20th

9-12.15               Vera intro ERC, ERC online course

12:30-13:15       Lunch

13:15                  Capacity building in the researcher role, Margrethe.

                            Analyzing homework data from interviews/input – Margrethe

17:15 End

Program August 21st

09:00                  Homework – vision/sub-goals and action points

                            Candidates present their vision/goals and action points;

max 10 min each, + Q&A

12:00 Lunch

14:15 End