Call for applicantsThe OsloMet Research Talent Development Program

Call opening date: January 29th, 2021, please use Net-form for applications
Call closing date – new date:  April 5th (midnight) 2021
Feedback to applicants: April 16th 2021

Obligatory introduction seminar and start of the program/fellowship:  June 10th 2021

We hereby invite all early stage research talents at OsloMet to apply for an individual fellowship at The Research Talent Development Program.

Programme content and NOK 100 000/candidate is complementary and covered by OsloMet Central administration for all candidates. In addition – and new to this call, for the program period 2021/2021 – buy out for candidates admitted up to max 65% may be covered as well.

From the program period 2022/2023 buy out will be handled differently and all applicants must on applying upload a Financial confirmation from their head of Department covering buy-out 100% from teaching and/or other duties during the program period (1/8 2022 – 30/6 2023). OsloMet may cover a total of NOK 300 000/candidate for that program period.

Supporting talents in research at OsloMet

OsloMet is offering academic development and merit to qualify some of our foremost early stage research talents for internationally leading research careers, through a pilot project initiated by the Faculty for Health Sciences.

The goal is to provide talented, early stage researchers with the possibility to focus on their research career and to further develop their careers and themselves as internationally recognized researchers.

The Program’s overall aim is to strengthen their options in competition for external funding for excellence in science calls, and to develop good research networks. During the program they will be  expected to apply for a FRIPRO (Free project support) grant from the Norwegian Research Council and/or an ERC starting grant from the European Research Council.


The selected researchers will be provided with:

  • 1-year buy-out from teaching/admin. duties (up to 65% provided by OsloMet central if needed)
  • Complementary budget per candidate for relevant activities (provided by OsloMet central): NOK 100 000 (to be decided together with the Program leader regarding how to use the funding to strengthen their CV)
  • Complementary training program: The Program will consist of seminars including career awareness, personal development and capacity building, grant acquisition, publication strategy, communication skills, RRI, ethics, innovation, PhD supervision course and an event in Brussels. Tentative dates for program 2021-2022 will be published by June 10th.


Early stage researcher defined according to ERC Starting grant requirements (2-7 years after phd) that are intending (next 1-5 years) to develop a research career and themselves as international recognized researchers, to strengthen their options in competition for external funding for excellence in science calls, and to develop good research networks.

It is expected that the candidates will apply for ERC StG and/or young research talent/FRIPRO young within 3 years.

In addition, candidates applying need to have financial support from their department. To apply you need your leader and the head of department to sign a confirmation stating that they will support you (1/8 2021 – 30/6 2022).


The applicants will be evaluated by a group consisting of internal and external experts together with the program leader. The Vice-Rector and the Director of Research together with the program leader makes the final decision. We are aiming for candidates representing the whole of OsloMet and that represent a good gender balance, with main focus on the potential of achieving excellence in research. There might be conducted interviews for selection. All information is in the net-form for Application.

Criterias for evaluation:

Make sure that all relevant attachments are titled with your name, and heading of type of attachment (eg. name_motivation)

  • The applicants eligibility to apply for an ERC Starting grant (2-7 years after PhD)
  • The applicants´ motivation for participating (motivation letter – max 1/2 page)
  • Research experience (External funding, National and international networks, Doctoral supervision and supervision of MA-thesis, publication record) – use appropriate CV template found here
  • Research strategy described through a five-year research plan (max 2 pages)
  • The applicants have to work on at least one proposal for funding (FRIPRO/ERC StG) during the program period. A draft project idea should is to be described
  • Participation in the Program must be supported by your Head of Department  and your Research group leader (signed letter of support)
  • Must provide on application signed confirmation by Department head

There might be conducted interviews for selection. All information is in the net-form for Application. If you have any questions, please contact the Program Leader, Vera Østensen