Program Opening/Closing Seminar June 4th

Welcome to the opening seminar for new talents 2020/20201 and the closing for talents 2019/2020!

10:00 Vera Østensen, program leader: Welcome, introduce the team (Sølvi, Per Martin, Mona, Margrethe, Tanja) and the organization

10:05 Per Martin Norheim-Martinsen, Vice-rector

10:10 Sølvi Helseth, Vice-dean, HV faculty: the background of the program

10:15 Short around the table presentations

10:20 3 minutes presentations by talents from 2019/2020

10:40 Short break

10:50 VØ Welcome the new talents, introduce their 3 minutes presentations

10:52 Presentations by the new talents

11:30 Some tips&trix from “old” to the new talents? Around the “table” comments, and Q&A

11:50 Diploma Ceremony for the first group of talents 

            Picture of “old” talents+ old talents&team

            Picture of New and Old talents

            Picture of New talents + with team 

12:10 Lunch

12:45- 15:00 Closed session with new talents and the team

            12:45    VØ presents Svenn-Erik Mamelund, the roadmap, homework  and templates,

                13:30     Q&A and coffee break

                13:45     Margrethe on expectations and homework for august

                13:55     Tanja on providing her with updated CVs to be analyzed before meeting in august

                14:05     Mona on process for buy-out, etc so the talents know how to proceed towards leaders etc

                14:10     Summary, Q&A

Presentation closed session