Barnehus-forskere i Norden. Foto: N. Eriksen, NOVA

New research on Barnahus

The 14. May, 17 researchers from Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark met up in Oslo for a workshop about new or ongoing Barnehus research at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University.

This was an initiative made by the Nordic network for Barnahus research, which is coordinated by NOVA.

The presentations addressed different Barnahus related issues; forensic interviews of preschool children, somatic and psychological health issues among the children, follow-up of children, polyvictimization, the child’s right to information and the regulation and diffusion of the Barnahus model in Europe.

The workshop reflect that a lot of interesting Barnahus research is going on in the Nordic countries and that this is a developing field of research.  

About The Nordic Network for Barnahus research

The Nordic Network for Barnahus research was established in February 2014 at NOVA, OsloMet, with the aim of facilitating contact between researchers and administrators with an interest in the model of Barnahus within the Nordic context, its foundational ideas, implementation, work processes, dilemmas and advances.

Other key aims of the network are:

  • To establish an arena for presenting and discussing research on the Barnahus model and related topics
  • To be a resource for government agencies and the Barnahus
  • To facilitate comparative and joint research and publications, including applications for funding