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The Homerisk project (Risk management strategies when households face collapsing electricity and digital infra structure) is funded by Samrisk II programme, Norwegian Research Council, and runs from oktober 2014 – sept 2018.

The main objective of HOMERISK is to study citizen-consumers risk perception; risk plans and practices related to risk when electricity and ICT infrastructures break down.

Insufficient attention has been paid to how ordinary people deal with emergency situations, how prepared households are if such crisis should occur, and the importance of individuals in risk management. Thus, the project employs a bottom up perspective, building research on ordinary citizens/households and how they relate to risk in their everyday life.

Practice theory and ANT are used to emphasize the importance of habits and routines, as well as the significance of networks.

The project uses methodological triangulation; document analysis, interview, fieldwork, tour narrative and survey. After reviewing national risk plans, we study six recent events where electricity and ICT infrastructure were affected, focusing on the household. Then we study the preparedness of households, paying special attention to the rural-urban dimension. Lastly, we employ a stakeholder approach concentrating on their perception of citizens’ role in risk management.

HOMERISK has a strong comparative perspective: Vertically we compare risk perception and preparedness among citizens with existing national crisis plans, and study the extent to which they are aligned. Horizontally we compare risk regimes in Norway, Sweden and Iceland to highlight differences and similarities, and to transfer knowledge on risk management within the Nordic countries. The countries are selected because they face similar risks and consequences, but have dealt with risk in different ways.

Project results will be used to strengthen the role of citizens in future policy making on national risk management, and draw attention to the potential discrepancy between citizen and governmental expectations. The results are disseminated academically through conferences, journal articles and reports, and to user groups through chronicles and an exhibition.

Read more about HOMERISK research questions here.

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