Homerisk activities are continuously updated on our homepage news feed. Underneath we have categorised these activities so that readers can follow where our work with the various work packages in the HOMERISK project is at present.

WP6: Academic & Public dissemination – May 2017 – Present (will be finalised with PhD 2019)

Main task: To communicate the process and Project results to all Groups of end users as well as to the Scientific community. Description of work:

  • Dialogues With stakeholders
  • Exhibition at Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology (opening may 2018)
  • Publication of academic articles
  • Chronicle
  • End report

WP5: Conclusions and recommendations – May 2017 – Present

Main task: To analyse and synthesise the results from the empirical work packages, integrting empirical and theoretical conclusions, and to formulate political recommendations. Description of work:

  • Presentation of findings to stakeholders
  • Development of recommendations

WP 4: Risk comparisons; households and national regimesMarch 2016 – Present

Main task: Maximize the value of the findings by systematic vertical and horizontal comparisons. Description of work:

  • Systematic comparison of data WP1-3
  • Work-shops & Conference participation
  • Preparation of articles

WP 3: Households’ preparedness for crisis events. March 2015 – Present.
Main task: Generate insights into the actual preparedness in households in case of a power
failure, and to identify the potential of local networks. Description of work:

  • Web survey
  • Fieldwork in rural-urban households
  • Conference presentations
  • Analysis and dissemination in papers, report and articles

WP 2: The actions of citizens in concrete crises. Jan 2014 – Jan 2016.
Main task: To study two selected crises event cases in each country that took out electricity and ICT and use various qualitative methods to map, interpret and analyse how households have handled actual crisis situations with special emphasis on kin and neighbourhood networks.  Description of work:

  • Field work investigating two events in each country (Norway, Sweden, Iceland).
    • Interviews and video-tours to document both practices and attitudes in households affected by power and ICT outages caused by these events.
    • Collection of material for media analysis connected to these events.
  • Preliminary analysis and dissemination of results in papers and articles

WP 1: National risk regimes: The role of citizens. Oct 2014 – May 2015.
Various work to identify the expectations and responsibility of citizens in national risk plans in  Norway, Sweden and Iceland. Document analysis and interviews with key personnel have been conducted in all three countries, focusing on the anticipated role of households and citizens. Description of work:

  • Policy Document analysis Norway, Sweden, Iceland.
  • Stakeholder interviews Norway, Sweden, Iceland.
  • Preparation and presentation of national position papers, comparative report  and articles.

WP 0: Project administration (Oct 2014 – present).

Various work to secure a smooth running of the project, facilitate productive interactions between partners to ensure optimal academic results.  A kick-off meeting with all partners will take place at the outset of the project, a web-site for the project will be established and later regular project meetings will be held according to plans.


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