Consumption Research Norway (SIFO):

Ardis Storm-Mathisen, is the principal investigator heading the Homerisk Project. She is a Research Professor at SIFO – Consumtion Research Norway, OsloMet- Oslo Metropolitan University, holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Oslo, has worked extensively in the area of ICT and everyday consumption and in particular on topics related to the digital media use of children, youth and families. She has also worked on innovation projects dealing with novel technologies such as RFID og NFC and explores how practice-theoretical understandings and methodologies (i.e. video-ethnography) can enhance understandings of household and consumption practices.


Nina Heidenstrøm has an MA degree in Sociology from the University of Oslo. Her master thesis was titled: «Med fremtiden i egne hender» (With the future in own hands). She has worked as a researcher at SIFO since 2010 on several projects related to sustainable consumption, energy use, product labelling and material culture. She is presently – from December 2014 – doing a PhD as part of the Homerisk project.


joJo Helle-Valle is Professor in Development Studies at OsloMet- Oslo Metropolitan Univerity. He holds a Doctor Politicarum in Social Anthropology from University of Oslo (1996), has worked at the University of Tromsø, University of Oslo and at Oslo College. He has  been a guest researcher at Oxford University, University of Botswana and Simon Fraser University (Vancouver). From 2001 he has been at SIFO, from 2003 as a research professor. In 2006 to 2010 he was the leader of the research group Digital media. His other topics cover politics, ethnicity, gender, economy, sports and theoretical issues.


haraldHarald Throne-Holst graduated from The Norwegian Institute of Technology with a Masters degree in Inorganic Chemistry in 1994. In 2012 he finished his PhD ‘Consumers, Nanotechnology and responsibilities: Operationalizing the risk society’ at the Faculty of Mangement and Governance at the University in Twente. He started working at SIFO in 1996, and he has mainly been concerned With ethical and societal aspects of nanotechnology including governance aspects, consumption and the environment, energy use.


dagDag Slettemeås has a masters degree from Johns Hopkins University in International Affairs – specialising in Energy, Environment, Science and Technology. Slettemeås has previously worked for the World Bank as a consultant for the Energy and Telecom thematic group. At SIFO Slettemeås conducts research in the fields of ICT, new digital media, RFID/NFC and the Internet of Things, technology innovation, Internet and e-commerce, etc. Slettemeås is also doing a PhD at the Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo.


Mid Sweden University:

Wall Erika2Erika Wall, PhD, senior lecturer and researcher in Sociology at the Risk and crisis research centre at Mid Sweden University. Wall’s main research interest is everyday life experiences and sense-making of risk. She has been working on empirical projects focusing on various risks (e.g. informants perspectives on risks in traffic, related to drinking water and in the everyday life of elderly people). She has an interest in theoretical as well as methodological perspectives on risk and safety, including visual methods.


Linda KvarnløfLinda KvarnlöfPhD, lecturer and researcher at the Risk and crisis research centre at Mid Sweden University. Her research mainly focuses on the interaction between citizens and emergency personnel at the incident site as well as on citizen response to emergencies and crisis. She has experiences from both teaching and research in sociological theories of risk.


University of Iceland:

Bjorn_KarlssonBjörn Karlsson, Phd from Department of Fire Safety Engineering at Lund University, Sweden. Fire Marshal and Director General of the state run Iceland Fire Authority, Reykjavik, Iceland and Director General of the Iceland Construction Authority. He has written extensively in the field of fire safety. He sits on the board of the International Association for Fire Safety Science (IAFSS). He is on the editorial board of Fire Technology and the International Journal on Engineering Performance-Based Fire Codes. Presently he is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Iceland.

Bodvar_TomassonBöðvar Tómasson has an MA degree in engineering from Lund University, and is a certified IPMA project manager. He works as Division Manager for Fire & Risk at EFLA Consulting Engineers, has 17 years of professional experience in engineering and risk management and is member of ISO Technical Committee 262: Risk Management, developing ISO 31000 and  ISO Technical Committee 292: Security and resilience, on behalf of Iceland.  Böðvar is currently also a PhD student at the University of Iceland, as a part of the HomeRisk project.

Grétar Már Pálsson has an MA in Civil Engineering from Univeristy of Iceland,           Reykjavik (Impact on households and critical infrastructures from electricity failure. Two case studies and a survey on public preparedness) and is currently working as a research assistant in the Homerisk project.


Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology:

Jan Alfred AnderssonJan Alfred Andersson is cand.scient and head of the Interactive Science Centre at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology.The museum arranges exhibitions, activities and demonstrations aimed at families and schools. Andersson has extensive experience from setting up interactive exhibitions (i.e. the body, Astroamfi, clean energy, energy Tivoli, clima-x and instruments). He has been board member of the Norwegian science Centres and Nordic Science Center Society and is currently Board member of ECSITE (The European Network of Science Centres and Museums) and advisory board member of NAROM (National Centre for Space related education).

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