Second field trip to Lærdal – March 2015

In the first week of March, PhD student Nina Heidenstrøm and project manager Ardis Storm-Mathisen from SIFO made a new trip to Lærdal to continue their fieldwork. The fieldwork included visits and interviews with some of the households that had experienced power and ICT outage during the fire. We also visited several locations that were important resource spots during and after the event, such as the The Volunteer Central that was responsible for organizing and handing out donations from the community. During our visit we were also interviewed by the local newspaper (Helg & Kvardag). We talked about the goals for the HOMERISK project and our interest in interviewing more households in Lærdal. Information posters were placed in the local shops for recruitment purposes. A new fieldwork to Lærdal is planned in week 18. For further information read here (pdf).

Figure 5- Being interviewed by Helg & Kvardag. Photo- Odd Helge Brugrand
Being interviewed by Helg & Kvardag. Photo: Odd Helge Brugrand

Paper accepted at the SRA conference in Maastricht, June 2015

Harald Throne-Holst (SIFO) has been notified that the paper «Comparing assigned roles of households in the Nordic risk management plans» has been accepted at the 24th annual SRA-Europe conference in Maastricht, June 15-17 2015. The special theme of the conference is «Science, Policy and Society – Bridging the gap between risk and science».

SRA-Europe (Society for Risk Analysis Europe) provides a platform for industrialists, policy makers and academics to discuss the ‘state of the art’ and future directions in the study of risk analysis, to understand concerns about the risk from both public and scientific perspectives, to promote efficient risk mitigation and to develop effective risk communication.