Focusing on the assessment of Computational Thinking at the teacher conference «Novemberdagene»

MASCOT was represented by Aino Ukkonen at Novemberkonferansen 2022 in Trondheim, Norway, a conference for mathematics teachers in Norway. Aino held a workshop for teachers with the topic “Assessing Computational Thinking in Mathematics”. After a short introduction to Computational Thinking and assessing CT, the Computational Thinking -cards developed in MASCOT were presented to the participants. The participants worked with examples of Computational Thinking in mathematics by using Scratch, and tested the Computational Thinking cards and formative assessment strategies. The participants in the workshop experienced how different strategies, such as collaboration and peer-assessment, can be utilized when working with CT.

The picture below shows what the workshop participants associate with the word Computational Thinking (Algoritmisk tenkning in Norwegian), with the most prominent answers being “step-by-step”, patterns, decomposing a task, and problem solving.

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