Work package 5

Identifying interdisciplinary synergies of computational thinking

WP5 aims to integrate, compare and analyse research findings across WP2-3-4, and use these findings to add to current theoretical insights of CT (WP1). WP5 straddles the whole project, providing the link between
teaching, learning and assessing CT, both as a generic and a subject-specific skill, both in TE and school practice in the Nordic countries. The work done in WP5 is crucial to achieving synergy between the TE and schools, including especially a mutually informed understanding of generic and subject-specific aspects of CT in these two spheres. WP5 is where research from the other WPs will be integrated and consolidated, in order to push the research front forward, especially with theoretical advances. The resulting research-based knowledge will be of significant value to emerging practices regarding CT in TE and schools, as well as providing valuable input to policymakers. The Advisory Board will play a crucial role throughout the whole project period but will in particular have an invaluable role in WP5, discussing the research findings and identifying interdisciplinary synergies of computational thinking.

RQ5: What insights for teaching and learning can we develop through designing, implementing and assessing CT in schools and TE in the Nordic context?

Mads Middelboe Rehder (Leader)University College Copenhagen
Kalle Juuti (Co-leader)University of Helsinki
Louise MifsudOsloMet
Katarina PajchelOsloMet
Thilde Emilie MøllerUniversity College Copenhagen
Thomas FrågåtInland Norway University of Applied Sciences
Renate AndersenOsloMet (leave)