MASCOT interim conference in Helsinki

MASCOT researchers, teachers and the advisory board were gathered at the University of Helsinki for discussions around CT in teacher education and school.  The research group working on teacher education had a pre-conference workshop, coding and discussing empirical material from interventions and interviews related to CT and debugging.  

The focus of the main conference was how to synergise between the different work packages and arenas. Preliminary findings were presented during the session. The advisory board had several suggestions on how to narrow down our focus, and to fill knowledge gaps in the research literature, leading to several interesting discussions. The conference format was both as individual presentations as well as a workshop discussing possible strategies, together with the advisory board. 

The research group focusing on school had a post-conference workshop, where teachers and researchers exchanged CT teaching and assessment practices. The post-conference workshop also included a school visit. The visit included both a tour of the school as well as an introduction by the teachers and some of the students on of how CT was integrated in STEAM subjects.  

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