Computational Thinking: Present, past and yet to come

MASCOT was present at NERA (Nordic Educational Research Association). In the symposium at NERA, we gave a short introduction to the MASCOT project and our objectives, and then presented how Computational Thinking is presented in Danish, Finnish and Norwegian primary and secondary school curricula, focusing on immediate policy, implementation and assessment. We raised the issue of whether CT is a boundary object, and the implications that CT as a boundary object have for teaching and assessing as well as the development of CT.

From left to right: Kalle Juuti, André Rognes, Thomas Frågåt, Katarina Pajchel, Siv G. Aalbergsjø, Louise Mifsud, Kristin Ebbesen, Jesper Juellund Jensen and Vibeke Schrøder presented on behalf of the group.

Renate Andersen, Aleksi Markkanen, Erika Perttuli-Borobio, Oliver Tafdrup, Trude Sundtjønn, Mads Middelboe Rehder, Thilde Emilie Møller and Siri Krogh Nordby had other commitments.

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