MASCOT at the NERA 2022 conference in Reykjavik

MASCOT was well represented at the NERA 2022 conference in Reykjavik, Iceland 1 – 3 June. MASCOT contributed with a symposium on designing opportunities to learning computational thinking, organised by Kalle Juuti, University of Helsinki, where Vibeke Schrøder, University College Copenhagen was discussant. The symposium consisted of four presentations, taking Sandoval’s conjecture mapping as point of departure. The first part of the symposium focused on the introduction of CT: Thomas Frågåt presented the Norwegian case of the introduction of CT in primary and secondary schools.  Ari Myllyviita presented a case from Finland focusing on the integration of CT in chemistry. The second part of the symposium focused on the assessment of CT, with Aleksi Markkanen and Erika Perttuli-Borobio discussing interesting methods of assessing CT, and Aino Ukkonen highlighting challenges in assessing CT.  

In addition to the symposium MASCOT had an additional two presentations. Nisanka Rajapakse Mohottige presented ongoing research on the integration of computational thinking and programming into primary and lower secondary teacher education in Norway and Renate Andersen and Jesper Juellund Jensen presented an interesting take on analysing the Norwegian, Danish and Finnish curricula using Social Network Analysis.

MASCOT representatives at NERA 2022 conference

Link to the Book of Abstracts

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