MASCOT at the ECER 2022 conference in Yerevan, Armenia

MASCOT was represented by Thomas Frågåt at the ECER 2022 conference in Yerevan, Armenia, August 23rd-25th. Thomas Frågåt gave a talk titled “Current state of research on computational thinking in STEAM and STEAM teacher education” in the ICT in Education and Training EERA (European Educational Research Association) network. The presentation was based on the results from a review of reviews. Our findings indicate that there is a need for a common understanding of computational thinking in STEAM education and STEAM teacher education. Further, several gaps in the research literature were identified. Based on these findings, MASCOT is working on a framework for computational thinking that is based on boundary objects. That is, a framework flexible enough to encompass different STEAM school subjects and levels, as well as STEAM teacher education. For the gaps in research literature, MASCOT is by using a design-based research approach aiming to contribute to fill several of the gaps.

Thomas Frågåt at the conference venue.

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