Initial visit to Lærdal prior to fieldwork

The HOMERISK project aims at investigating the role of households when electricity and digital infrastructure fail. In each of the participating countries, two case studies have been chosen where a disaster or crisis situation led to such breakdowns. The 2014 fire in Lærdal is one of two Norwegian cases. On January 29th, project manager Ardis Storm-Mathisen and PhD student Nina Heidenstrøm travelled to Lærdal for an initial meeting with a contact person, and to take a closer look at the area.

Lærdal1 Lærdal2 Lærdal3 Lærdal4
Top left: Looking at the old wooden buildings in Lærdalsøyri. Photo: Ardis Storm-Mathisen
Top right: New dwellings in Lærdal. Photo: Ardis Storm-Mathisen
Bottom left: Taking photos of the affected area. Photo: Nina Heidenstrøm
Bottom right: Telecom (left) and electricity (right) infrastructure in Lærdal. Photo: Nina Heidenstrøm

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