Fieldwork in Grue

As a part of WP3: “Households’ preparedness for crisis events”, researchers Harald Throne-Holst and Nina Heidenstrøm spent a day in Grue municipality to learn more about the local area including the availability of public services such as fire department, police, medical services etc. as well as the electricity and ICT infrastructure.

Bilde 15.03.2016, 14.20.56Bilde 16.03.2016, 09.38.38

We visited the town hall, local shops, the volunteer house, the library where we found books about local history and a café where we read the local newspapers and talked to some local people about their experiences with electricity and ICT breakdowns.

Bilde 16.03.2016, 09.40.42 Bilde 16.03.2016, 11.18.05

Bilde 16.03.2016, 09.56.51

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