WP 3: Students’ research assignments


Gunilla Eklund (WP leader) OsloMet (Åbo Akademi) 
Kirsti M. Jegstad OsloMet 
Charlotte Aksland OsloMet 
Idar Mestad HVL 
Jessica Aspfors Nord university 


Work package 3 (WP 3) focuses on the explicit aspects of RBSTE and the research assignments in the teacher education programme, i.e. the R&D assignment and the master’s thesis. The aim is to identify ways of organizing the assignments in order for them to be recognized as valuable by student teachers and to prepare student teachers for being research literate participants in learning communities when they enter professional practice. Student teachers’ experiences of the research assignments before and after they have finished their study will be investigated through essays. The same informants will be studied after working one year, in order to investigate their views on the usefulness of the research assignments for the profession. Interviews with supervisors will also be performed. The knowledge and experiences of student teachers will be utilized by probing their experiences with RBSTE and by developing research assignments that are relevant for their future practice. WP3 will lead to guidelines for working with explicit RBSTE through R&D assignments and master’s thesis. 

Research questions:   Methods and data:  
3.1 How do student teachers experience working with research assignments (both R&D assignment and master’s theses)? Open questionnaires or essays with student teachers at OsloMet and HVL. Thematic analysis 
3.2 How do newly qualified teachers experience the relevance of their research assignments for the teaching profession? Open questionnaires or essays with student teachers at OsloMet and HVL. Thematic analysis 
3.3 How do teacher educators conceptualize their role in student teachers’ process of writing master’s thesis?  Semi-structured interviews with teacher educators at Oslomet and HVL. Thematic analysis.