WP 5: Programming and modelling


Katarina Pajchel (WP leader)OsloMet
Siv G. AalbergsjøOsloMet
Håkon SwensenOsloMet
Per Øyvind Dokken SollidOsloMet
Birger BrevikOsloMet

With the new national school curricula that are implemented in Norway from 2020, programming and modelling are to be included in school science and mathematics. This means that pre- and in-service teachers must also learn basic programming and how to design good learning activities for pupils. In WP 5, researchers at OsloMet will, in collaboration with our partners in VilVite Science Centre and Lillestrøm Municipality, develop and try out programming activities that can be used both in pre-service teacher education and in professional development for in-service teachers (see WP 6). In WP 5 we will particularly look at how different programming platforms and languages (block-based programming, text programming) may contribute to developing pre- and in-service teachers’ computational thinking and programming skills. WP 5 also addresses how the teachers use these tools in exploring natural phenomena and in creative problem-solving and how they design teaching and learning approaches implementing programming n school science.  WP 5 (like WP 4) will use Design-Based Research to develop learning activities and investigate participants’ learning.