Children, youth and health week

In august 2020 the project arranged the CYH-week (Children, youth and health), for pre-service teachers and public health nurse students at OsloMet. This week makes the founding for work package two in the research project. The week focuses on children, youth and health in the two educations. During the week the students participated on lectures that treated problems and challenges such as eating disorders, preventing of self damage and suicide, gender diversity, violence and abuse. The students were also introduced to the craft of visual methods as a part of the new didactic approach to the new interdiciplinary theme «Health and Life Skills» in schools.

The students were assigned different visual assigments, such as:

  • Write a short essay about a person that has good health. You should also draw this person.
  • Find three pictures that portraits what you learn about health on social media. 
  • Take three pictures of something that gives you good health.
  • Take three pictures of something that gives you bad health.
  • Create a map over places where you learn something about health.

After doing these assignments, the students got put in groups of four and assigned different tasks of reflection. The discussions took point from the visual assignments, and the main focus was to debate the different understandings of «health». This work resulted in digital posters.

The feedback from the students were positive, and they learned a lot about how they could use visual methods in their own practice. Beneath the folder «Teaching» you will find a selection of the digital posters that were created during the week.