Yle.fi: Nordic Sámi Convention agreement reached after more than a decade

Yle.fi, 23. December, 2016: http://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/news/nordic_sami_convention_agreement_reached_after_more_than_a_decade/9371674

The Ministry of Justice announced on Thursday that the new, unified Sámi agreement is based on the current definition of a Sámi person used by the Norwegian government. Chair Sanila-Aikio says the definition is solid.

“But we have to remember that this is also a compromise. I am still happy that a common definition of the kind of person allowed to vote in the Sámi Parliament elections has been found.”

The most salient change affecting the lives of Sámi people in Finland is that an older, archaic definition of a person belonging to that demographic has been done away with.

Yle.fi: Nearly 100 new people accepted as Sámi persons against will of Sámi Parliament

Yle.fi, 30.09.2015: http://yle.fi/uutiset/osasto/sapmi/nearly_100_new_people_accepted_as_sami_persons_against_will_of_sami_parliament/8343268

This is a question of collective Sámi rights and not about the rights of individual persons.


The decision shows that it is blood that matters. Anyone can learn the Sámi language but the genes can only be passed by your parents