A better student experience

Digitization as a tool to achieve the goal of a better student experience!

Prorector of Education, Nina Waaler

Potentially we are talking about over 20,000 different experiences at Oslomet and we can not meet every need, but we can make things easier for the students. Amongst other things, they have said through surveys that they want to have the opportunity to do as much as possible themselves, self-service solutions in regards to study administrative tasks.

The vast majority of students experience a good student life at Oslomet. We have taken as our starting point areas where we score low – from the Study Barometer, the SHoT survey and our own surveys, and look at various measures that will be of greatest benefit to as many students as possible, which among other things will make everyday study easier for students, teachers and those of us who work close with the students.

User experience as a premise

  • The students’ perspective must form the basis for all measures that are implemented in the programme
  • The insight work shows, among other things, that the students want to fix as much as possible themselves! Therefore, the focus is on clearing away pebbles in the shoe in 2020 and meeting the students’ needs
  • We will implement measures that reach as many people (students and staff) as possible, to free up time to meet those who need extra follow-up
  • All measures must be directly aimed at improving the student experience, or make the first line – study administration, teachers, etc., better equipped to make the student experience better

The different projects

  • Project 1: The student should experience a good start, easy access to the right information and seamless processes before, during and after the course of study
  • Project 2: Students will experience high quality teaching and well-being in their everyday study
  • Project 3: Students will experience a flexible educational offer within lifelong learning