OsloMet’s role in ELPIDA- Project. Represented with Gerd Hilde Lunde and Britt-Evy Westergård, Departement of Behavioural Sciences

Needs Assessment study (M1-M4): Translate the instruments and carry out the research in Norway.

Evaluation research (M10-M11, M19-21): Translate the questionnaires to Norwegian.

IO2: E-learning material (Period: 1/2/2018 to 30/7/2018): Develop guidelines for the production of the teaching material together with FORTH. Produce two modules, one about sexuality and one about ageing in intellectual disabilities. Responsible for the quality check of all modules as well as translations of six modules from English to Norwegian.

IO3: E-learning platform (Period: 1/6/2018 to 30/9/2019): Translate the text of the platform to Norwegian.

IO4: Introducing the e-learning platform and recruiting participants (Period: 1/10/2018 to 31/3/2019): Organization of Group meetings in Norway to inform parents about the e-learning platform, its content and how to use it. Parents will be informed of its usefulness and will be invited to register and complete the module(s) of interest. Provide information about ELPIDA in Norwegian language.

Short Training Activity (M5, Duration: 5 days, Organizers: FORTH and HIOA): Enable partners to produce appropriate e-learning material. Together with FORTH provide all necessary theoretical and technical knowledge and detailed guidance on designing and developing e-learning courses. Transfer the knowledge acquired to colleagues and participate in the development of all modules.

Multiplier Event/E1: International Symposium launching the e-learning platform to a wider audience of potential users (July 2019, responsible EPA). Disseminate all project IOs and results. Together with other participants, present the results of the two studies (IO1), demonstrate the e-learning platform and modules (IO2 and 3), explore future development and enrichment of the platform.